Friday, April 08, 2011

arizona in idaho

one thing i really miss from arizona are all the beautiful citrus trees. especially the lemon trees. i always told david that if we owned a house in arizona we had to have a lemon tree in our front yard. they are so beautiful and add a lovely splash of color. mmm and they smell so sweet. not to mention how tasty fresh arizona lemons, oranges and grapefruits are... . . i think one of the harding moving adjustments was coming from beautiful warm arizona weather with citrus trees full, flowers blooming and sun shining to cold, snowy, brown, icky idaho weather. the other day i was really missing the sun and to my delight clients at work brought in bagfuls of fresh arizona produce they brought back from a trip. all week i have been feasting on delicious, juicy, arizona oranges and grapefruits. it has made idaho weather a little more bearable. . . enjoy your friday, kira . post edit: what is going on??? now blogger won't give me any spaces!!! am i just technologically challenged or is this an issue with the website? i have never had trouble like this before!

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