Thursday, April 07, 2011

a cupcake and a car

with my job in idaho being less stressful i have more time for domestic pursuits. like baking. last week i decided to try strawberry pokecake in cupcake form. they turned out deliciously but were one poke away from needing a fork, which defeats the whole purpose of a cupcake if you ask me. (i admit, i had to toss a few because i got too poke happy).

in other news, david and i bought another car--a cute little honda civic hatchback--so we finally don't have to share a car anymore. the other night i was the neighborhood entertainment as david taught me how to drive stick. i got a lot of laughs and even claps when i finally (sort of) mastered the art of manual driving.

the weekends almost here,


post edit: blogger is for some reason triple spacing my single spaces and i can't seem to figure out how to fix it...




oh well.


mary elizabeth said...

oh, those look yummy! and yay for two cars! we shared one for a while, and while it worked ... its so much nicer having two cars!

Sarah said...

sharing a car is always interesting. . . I always say Claire spent the first two years of her life in the car :0) Congrats on the new addition!!!