Sunday, April 10, 2011


now that enough time has passed i can tell the story of the wedding doughnuts without crying. for our wedding reception we were supposed to have glazed doughnuts. my mom thought it would be cool if a little turquoise food coloring was added to the glaze. The morning of our reception the store we ordered our doughnuts from called and said that the turquoise wasn't showing up in the glaze and asked if i would like the doughnuts frosted instead. i said NO. david and my dad went to pick up the doughnuts later that day, just before the reception and came home with these bad boys. throughout the entire planning of the wedding i was very laid back but when i saw these i lost it; i wanted so badly to take them back but with just a few hours before the reception there was no way to find enough glazed doughnuts to replace the frosted ones. i refused to put them out but our schmear looked so incomplete without them so i had no choice. if anything, they were a great conversation piece.


Lex said...

Kira! Lex (burns) hanson here! Funny you should write that post on the one year anniversary of when I got married! Yay for being married. Hey so I have a blog, but it's private, you should send me your email (on facebook or however and i can add you!) Hope you are doing well!

Janie said...

I think they look cool