Sunday, November 08, 2009


i can't believe i am actually posting this picture by choice--it is hideous--but sadly it is one of the only pictures i have here in arizona so far. even though i despise the picture, i love the story behind it.

as a preface, this picture was taken early in the morning on a grocery store run to buy milk. i had literally just crawled out of bed. i was wearing no makeup. i had not showered. i had not done so much as comb my hair.

as a second preface, it is impossible to find egg nog in arizona. i know it might seem a little early, but i am a huge egg nog lover. in idaho they start busting out the egg nog in october in cool halloween cartons. that is not the case here. when my sister told me one day that she had bought egg nog in idaho dave and i went on a search. we searched everywhere and had no luck.

okay, so now the story:
dave and i ran to the local bashas' to buy some milk and things for his family for breakfast. (one of the funnest things about moving, i think, is going to new grocery stores. i know. i'm a nerd). dave and i split up in the store to quickly get the things we needed. i was waiting at the front of the store for dave when he comes running up like a little boy on christmas morning. he found egg nog! it really was so cute to see how excited he got because he found something he knows i love.

and now a quick arizona update:
everything is great. my job. my roommates. the weather. everything. i feel like i am pretty well adjusted and am truly enjoying myself.

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