Wednesday, October 07, 2009

hello arizona

after the long and adventurous drive from boise to phoenix i have arrived in arizona. if the drive isn't bad enough on it's own, imagine it in a 25 foot long moving truck which has a max speed of 70 mph. MAX speed. the trip truly was an adventure. apparently they aren't allowing any trucks or vans to cross the hoover dam so we got to take a detour through california on a two lane highway in the middle of nowhere. the scenery consisted of tumbleweed, sage brush, and tornado looking dust storms. i entertained myself by watching carefully to see if any vultures where swooping around.
we arrived in mesa on saturday night. we quickly unloaded my stuff at my new house (my house is super cute and my new roommates are way nice. i will post pictures soon) and then headed to maricopa to see dave's family. this weekend is the first time i have met his family. i was really nervous but things went great. his family really is way cool. i spent the weekend with his family and then came back to mesa on tuesday morning. i went in for a job interview on tuesday morning and was hired on the spot. i started working today. i am working for the same company i did in idaho but i get paid more and have better benefits.
i am really loving it here in arizona so far. i feel so blessed because everything is falling into place.


Bridge said...

KIRA!!!! i'm so happy things are working out. like i'm so happy for you. you deserve it. I love you and miss you!!

Eliza said...

That's awesome! I agree, you deserve it!

Sarah said...

glad you are even closer now!!! :D

by M said...

So good to hear and can't wait to hear more!