Friday, September 04, 2009

september list + an announcement

i just love september. i really think it is my favorite month. the perfect mix of fall and summer fun. i have a whole list of things i want to do this month:
have i told you yet this is my last month in boise? yep, i am moving to arizona on october 2nd. it will be a big change, but a good change. i am just happy that my last month here is my favorite month. there are a few other things i want to do this month before i leave:
eat here
and see this movie here
hope you have a lovely weekend,


Dani said...

Why the move? Glad your moving there after the summer, maybe they will have some monsoons still going, those can be amazing!

kira lee said...

it just seems like it would be a good change-- more opportunities and better paying jobs.
and a boy might be involved...

by M said...

I need the details, why are you heading to AZ? You've got to go to Last Chance, remember Last Chance??? Email me!

kira lee said...

of course i remember last chance!!! can't wait to actually go there!!!

email with details sent.