Wednesday, November 19, 2008

cards, books, and a movie

i finished my christmas cards yesterday. they didn't turn out exactly how i imagined, but i do like them, although they were a lot of work! i was a little frustrated because i slaved away yesterday putting the final touches on the cards to have them ready for the card party which was supposed to be last night. just as i was finishing up i found out the card party is being rescheduled for next week.
oh well, at least i have them done.
in other news, i went and picked up my check from the christmas boutique yesterday and was pleased to see that i sold more than i thought...still not as much as i hoped...but more. i guess in my haste to get my stuff all put away i failed to keep an accurate inventory.
oh, and in other news i got twilight tickets for this weekend. despite my love/hate relationship with the books i am surprisingly excited to see the movie.
that's all.
happy hump day,


Michelle @ Twig said...


and so proud to know that you said worthington in an accent! it just kind of happens that way!

Dessa Mae said...

I think your card is so cute Kira!!

Sarah said...

im going to twilight tomorrow night-- i'm dreading it!

Anonymous said...

blah!!!!!!!! i am happy!!!

Anna said...

i just came across your blog & i LOVE LOVE LOVE making homemade cards as well! & yours look splendid darling!