Monday, November 17, 2008

christmas boutique recap

my mom took a couple of pictures of me at the christmas boutique, this being the first, her hand shaking because she was unsure of how to use the camera. even though she did managed to take a clear picture eventually i like this one because it better symbolizes the christmas boutique for me. a dizzy blur. weeks of preparing. two long days of selling. and when i calculate my earnings i think it comes up to something around $0.53 an hour. oh well, at least i got my name out there, right???
have a lovely monday,


Michelle @ Twig said...

that is so how boutiques can be! a long day after a long few weeks of preparation...but when it comes down to it it's fun to know you did it...not to mention to be around other sellers in an artsy atmosphere!

Sarah said...

bummer-- get those earrings on your etsy asap!

Anonymous said...

well crap!