Monday, June 30, 2008

a glance at the weekend

i spent the entire weekend in salt lake. okay, actually that is a lie. i spent the weekend first in dallas, then denver, then salt lake, then rexburg, then back to salt lake then to provo. back to salt lake, then draper, then provo, then back to salt lake, then back to provo, and then back to salt lake before heading back to denver and then finally arriving back home in dallas. whew! see why i'm exhausted? details about the trip coming soon!

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M said...

I seriously couldn't have been happier when I saw you and Karisa walk into the reception center! It just made me SO happy...and I can't believe you two gave us that much money!!! you shouldn't have...but we love you for it ;o) Thank you Thank you times a million for coming. It made my night. And if only I could have chatted more with you two! Love ya