Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mailbox to mailbox

since i have lived in texas i have developed a love for running. for those who know me well this may come as a shock because i absolutely hate running, or at least i used to. every once in a while i would go for a run but my lungs would start burning and i would stop--it just wasn't worth it---that was my excuse. i think it must be the difference in altitude but here i can run and run and my lungs do fine, but because i never ran before i tire pretty easily. i know that the only way to condition myself is to keep trying. every time i feel like i am ready to stop running i tell myself that i just need to make it to the next mailbox and you know what? when i make it to the next mailbox alive i say, "okay, one more mailbox!" every mailbox i pass boosts my confidence and energy. i am usually able to push myself through a whole long row of mailboxes before i absolutely cannot go any further. if i look at the end of the street as my goal i never make it, but when i take it one mailbox at a time i can go much further. this is how it is with life. if you're anything like me when you find something you want to change about yourself you find a whole lot of things. just like running to the end of the street, it is almost impossible to meet our goals if we set them to high or too many at a time. but if we take things one at a time and just go mailbox to mailbox we get a lot further in the end.

the mailbox i am currently working on is prayer, last month i made the goal to kneel every single night to pray. today is the one month mark and you know what? i made it! time to focus my sight on a new mailbox.

what are some things you do to help yourself accomplish new goals?

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Sarah said...

great post, and a great way to look at it. Thank you for inspiring me to work on prayer too, I rarely kneel down and pray any more. Love Ya!!!