Thursday, July 26, 2012

hazel's room thus far

moving right when hazel was born made nursery decorating very difficult.  no sleep + little one to take care= no desire to decorate.  before hazel was born i had several things picked out for her room but after getting to know her little personality changed my mind.  she needed a bright colorful room to match her bright colorful personality.  i decided to make some nie inspired fans to hang above her rocking chair.  the rocking chair is vintage which my mom and i re-painted and then antiqued.  

 these picture frames i got from a thrift store and then whitewashed and filled with scrapbook paper.

 this hutch was first in my older sister's bedroom and then in mine.  my mom never got rid of it and gave it to me for hazel's room.

 on the shelves left to right.  top shelf: my first ever oil painting made about 6 years ago, a card that came with one of hazel's gifts, vintage sheet music. middle row: stuffed animals, anagram i made using buttons, glass jar filled with headbands, bows and jewelery. bottom row: lamp, stuffed animals, baby lotion and vase.

i found this print online and loved it.  this was my starting piece which i used to pick out the rest of the items for her room.

i still have a lot of work to do: curtains, a rug, more items for the wall and a crib skirt but i thought i would share what i have done so far!

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