Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 in retrospective

David and I started 2011 in Arizona. David's sister Jenny and her family came up to visit for the new year; it was a blast to have a week with family. Later in January David's brother, Anthony left for his mission.

We spent the month of February enjoying perfect Arizona weather. At the end of February we made the big move from Arizona to Idaho. We have really enjoyed life in Idaho but still miss Arizona a lot.

Recently after moving to Idaho I had some health problems that took me a while to learn to deal with and feel like I now have under wraps.

We very much enjoyed our mild Idaho summer. We went camping, attended my Saxton Family Reunion, celebrated our one year anniversary and even made it to the Western Idaho Fair.

In September we were excited to find out that we are expecting our first child. For me September, October and most of November are a complete blur as I was very sick with "morning sickness".

In October we moved from our tiny 550 sq. foot apartment into a house. We are in an older home with lots of character and a lot more room. We are lucky to have a full attic with lots of storage space. Not our dream home, but it is sure nice to be in a house rather than an apartment.

November brought the biggest Thanksgiving I have ever had; we celebrated with nearly all or my mom's side of the family. We had to reserve my grandma's church because we wouldn't all fit in one house.

We had a nice low key Christmas which was a great way to end the year!

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