Thursday, June 10, 2010

on wedding planning

when my mommy and daddy came to visit a few weeks ago we went wedding dress shopping. actually...that is WHY they came to visit. this isn't a picture of the dress, i can't show you that and ruin all the fun, but i do love this picture from that day.

wedding planning has been:
fun&exciting + stressful&overwhelming
there are days where i think it would be fun to become a wedding consultant and do this my whole life, and then there are days where i wish i could run away to a tropical island and not think at all of the word w-e-d-d-i-n-g
i feel very blessed because dave has been very helpful. he has been very involved in the wedding planning and helps keep me, the procrastination queen, on track. i am one lucky girl.
throughout this process i have learned a lot of things:
break things down and make lists!
when you look at everything you have to do before the big day it can be so overwhelming, but if you make lists of things you need to accomplish and break it down to work on one thing at a time it makes it a lot easier!
don't be afraid to ask for help and don't be afraid to graciously ask people to back off
one thing that i have noticed is that EVERYONE likes to give ideas and input, it seems like a lot of people want to relive their own wedding vicariously through me and make up for things they didn't have. while a lot of the time the input can be very helpful, it can also be overwhelming. i have learned that it is important to be honest and open with people so i can keep the wedding mine and daves. not mine and daves and my co-workers and cousins and old high school acquaintances'. i have also learned that people love to help when you ask them.
remember the reason for the wedding
while it can be frustrating when he doesn't think the bridesmaids dresses are quite as cute as i do and i can't find the exact color of ribbon i had in mind, in the long run those things aren't really going to matter. ten, twenty, fifty years from now we probably won't even remember those things. the wedding is really just about me and him and that is all that really matters.


Sarah said...

amen to the last part!!! remember what the reason is :D love you and wish i were closer so your wish could literally be my command.

Dani said...

I'm very excited for you Kira! And I completely agree! Do what ever you can to make that day as stress free as possible so you can take the time and focus on the reason! Sounds like your doing great!

P.S. If your having trouble finding ribbon have you tried the ribbon store in Mesa? I think they have one in Chandler now. Floor to ceiling of ribbon!