Monday, March 15, 2010

clean freaks

right now i am in the process of moving {(again) gotta love single life}. my roommates are also all moving out so my landlord decided to hire a cleaning crew to come in and deep clean the apartment before new tenants move in. he should have waited a little longer to have the cleaners come in because trying to pack and having people come in and clean around your packing is not the best experience. i started with my packing and so i had my possessions sorted into what i want to go in each box. well, i left town for the weekend and came home to find my house a little too clean. the cleaning people put everything i had sorted in various random locations in the house thinking (well, i don't know what they were thinking) they were being helpful. Now I get to go back through all of my things and sort and box them again. not only that, but i am really curious what they were doing when they cleaned the shower. i was in the shower and suddenly the shower door (the sliding kind) collapsed on me. it was a heavy door! it was definitely an adventure trying to fix the door while i was in the shower, wet, shampoo in hair (and eyes). sheesh.

hope you are having a lovely monday,


Sarah said...

ooh, what a fun experienc!!! sounds like something that would happen to me in the shower.

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