Monday, February 02, 2009

weekend review

greetings! i hope you all had a lovely weekend! i know i sure did! on friday a friend threw a party in his newly built barn. it was fun gathering with friends to socialize, play games and snack. i must say, i am really impressed by how clean a cozy a barn can actually be! on saturday i was able to spend the morning and afternoon with my mother and roommates at a women's conference held by our stake. we listened to inspiring music and talks, went to home decor and beauty workshops, and ate lunch while watching a fashion show and comedy routine. it is always so uplifting to be surrounded by large numbers of wonderful women. sunday my roommates and i threw a super bowl party. the party was fun and the game was great... even though our team lost!

hope you have a lovely monday,


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Sarah said...

kira-- claire and i have been missing you-- claire told me yesterday that we need to move back to our old house,cause you don't live here any more and she wants to see grandma and papa