Thursday, January 08, 2009

is it summer yet?

first of all, i need to apologize. i have been THE WORST blogger ever lately. sorry.
secondly, can i just say that i am so over the snow? i have been trying really hard to enjoy it, but commuting to work causes me to spend more time hating rather than embracing. on monday morning i woke up nice and early to a blanket of fresh white snow. because of the blanket of beautiful white snow i spent four hours in the car driving to and from work. four hours! tuesday it was the same story. yesterday i left home extra early because i wasn't sure how long the drive would take me. it took me half and hour, which meant i got to work an hour early. aye aye aye.

okay, enough whining.
in other news, i am officially moved into my new house and am loving it. my roommates, alexis, vanessa, kaylene, heather and melissa, are the greatest. i am also adjusted to my new job and am loving it also! the pay is not anywhere close to what i was making in texas, but it is decent for idaho. plus i do get the opportunity to earn commission and i haven't been doing too shabby in that department.
so, even though life has been hectic and the snow has been driving me nuts i am managing to squeeze in some fun! i promise that i will make an effort to be a more active blogger!
until next time,

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Laura said...

I'm done with the snow too. The weird thing is that it's always there but I haven't actually *seen* it snow yet... So weird. My apartment does have windows...