Thursday, December 11, 2008

updates updates updates

first of all, just let me apologize...i have been the lamest blogger ever lately! but in all fairness i have been pretty darn busy, and it looks like there will be another busy week to come! i just got a new job (yay! finally!!!) and will be doing training this week. also, this weekend i am planning on starting the moving process.....again. luckily not cross country this time but rather just cross city. i am going to be moving in with a bunch of girls from my ward. even though i have been super busy i have managed to squeeze in a lot of fun: a boise state basketball game, 8 games of bowling (dollar bowling night!), a game of tennis, a girls night complete with muddy buddies and sisterhood of the traveling pants 2, a few sessions of hip hop abs, a surprise birthday party at applebees, and a white elephant gift exchange. so that's my week in a nutshell!!! stay tuned for new job and moving adventures!

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Anonymous said...

ya...thanks for leaving me...AGAIN