Tuesday, October 14, 2008

walmart fashion and weekend visits.

this weekend my dear aunt karen and cousin karisa came for a visit. it is their potato harvest break. that's right, every fall rexburgians get out of school, and since a good lot of people are teachers, work so the farmers have plenty of helping hands to assist in good ol' spud harvest. i guess i grew up on the wrong side of the state. (well, maybe not, the sub zero temperatures and wind don't quite make the two week break worth it).

we sure had fun this weekend: shopping, eating out, visiting grandma and grandpa, chatting over hot cocoa and steamers at the flying m, smuggling goods purchased outside of the theatre into a movie, and what every non-drinking, college aged person does when they are bored:

we went to walmart.

oh the free fun we had at walmart. i especially enjoyed our ugly shoe fashion show. i modeled some ugg-like boots embroidered with a flaming cross. i will give those boots some credit, they were mighty comfortable. i might just have to get me some--minus the flaming cross.


Laura said...

The funny thing about the potato harvest is that I had no idea they had that holiday here in Rexburg- although it makes perfect sense. Back home though, in Scotland on the east coast we have it too! Two weeks off for potato picking. No-one does it there anymore but there's still a holiday. We call it 'Tattie Howkin'. A tattie is a potato and Howkin is the act of harvesting it... consider yourself educated ;)

Laura said...

PS. I saw some boots like those at Ross in IF that have Peace and Love on the back with big tattoo styley hearts... I quite liked them but they weren't in my size.

kira lee said...

wow! i do feel quite educated!