Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a fat man, a tatto man, lots of unpacking and a giveaway

well, here i am--back in idaho. i felt such an intense mixture of emotions as i was leaving texas, but now that i am home i feel very much at peace. yesterday was a little bit like christmas for me because i found all sorts of treasures that i had left at my parents house. winter clothes and shoes (you just don't need to wear uggs in texas), jewelry and purses, much fun going through everything.

getting here was really quite the adventure. the man i sat next to on the airplane should have purchased two tickets because he was sitting in two seats. his and at least half of mine. he sat next to the window and i had the isle seat, which i am very grateful for because if it were reversed i probably would have been stuck to the window for forever. at one point the man "squeezed past me" to put something in the overhead compartment. he had a little bit of trouble squeezing past and ended up sitting on my lap. awkward and uncomfortable. i was never so happy to land. i peeled my arm off of his sweaty arm and was on my way.

unpacking was another adventure. i was determined to get everything unpacked yesterday and doing so involved 2 trips to walmart, a trip to walgreens, office max, home depot, target, fred meyers, and sam's club. i never knew it could be so difficult to buy hangers and closet organizers.

but here i am, unpacked and ready to go!

and things are looking good, i got some digits my first night in town---from a salesman working in the cell phone kiosk who just so happened to have arms covered in tattoos--- i'll just take his number as a compliment.

hope you are having a lovely wednesday,

p.s. my sister is having a giveaway which you should definitley check out. she is giving away an apron and a summer tote. go get in on the fun here.


M said...

so what's your plan? are you quitting school? oh lovely boise, i bet it's nice to be back!

kira lee said...

no, i plan on starting up school again next semester!!! it's very nice to be back in boise!!!

WhiteEyebrows said...

we miss you already!

Sarah said...

poo poo to you :D thanks for linking :D