Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a fall hike and tin foil dinners on the beach

pretty much everyone in texas thought i was crazy for going back to idaho. after all, everything is bigger and better in texas. in fact, a couple days before leaving texas my friend nathan said to me,
"you may be from idaho but you live in texas."

with his texas drawl he put an emphasis on live as though you haven't truly lived until you have lived in texas.

because everyone was telling me i was crazy for leaving texas i started to wonder if maybe it were true. but now that i am home i am glad to be here.
yesterday my mom and i spent the day in beautiful stanley, idaho. the crisp fall air and the colors changing on the leaves made for a glorious hike. we hiked for three hours. not only was every second of the hike absolutely gorgeous but it was an incredible workout. (one i am paying for today). i really think hiking and biking and swimming and playing sports are the best exercise. i don't think heavenly father intended for us to slave away on a treadmill.
next we drove to redfish lake. one of my favorite places on earth. our plan was to cook tin foil dinners, which we did, we just had a few setbacks.
setback#1 all of the firewood was wet so it took at least an hour to start a fire.

setback#2 we forgot to bring utensils so we had to eat our tinfoil dinners with our bare (and very dirty from hiking and such) hands.
(but the way i see it, setback is just another word for adventure)
the whole day truly was blissful and i couldn't help but think,

"you know what nathan? i may have lived in texas (which was great) but i am from idaho."


M said...

oh you are doing so many wonderful fallish things...i haven't even gotten over summer yet!

WhiteEyebrows said...

wow... I'm stunned that the brainwashing wore off so quickly.

you're right though... the one thing texas (well, dallas at least) lacks is really nice outdoor activities.

Lindsey said...

I am so jealous that you got to go to Redfish! I bet it was just gorgeous. You are so lucky!