Friday, July 11, 2008


my whole reason for going to utah was to see this little lady here.
karisa and i were able to go to our dear old roommate's wedding.
michelle. now mrs michelle hunt.
but forever known to us as mitch.
she looked so beautiful and happy.
and the whole reception was just beautiful and happy.
although, karisa and i did have a little trouble getting there:
earlier that day we had gone to the warped tour (look for details about that in a future post). after the warped tour showering was a must--talk about major b.o.
after showering we realized we were in a bit of a time crunch and we still hadn't stopped at ikea yet to pick up our gift! we were probably the silliest sight ever as we ran in our high heels through ikea to pick up our gift. we managed to get in and out in only about 5 minutes. (we already knew what we were getting). we zoomed as quickly as we could to center street in provo, but we weren't exactly sure where the reception was at. we drove up and down the street and just couldn't seem to find it. we saw a lot of people in dressy clothes going in and out of a building so we figured that must be it. we walked into the wedding: mitch's colors! we were definitely in the right place, or so we thought. we walked towards the bride, she turned around, she was asian. definitely not in the right place. needless to say, we finally found the right place with 20 minutes to spare. phew.

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M said...

what a great story!!! lol! now i see that i really wish i would have had time to fix my hair before the reception ;o) i am SO grateful and happy you came. Thank you for making such a big trip to come, it really was so special. love ya!