Tuesday, February 19, 2008

more adventures in eastern idaho

this weekend i met an actual potato farmer.
(in idaho? imagine that!)
i got to go to this potatoe farmers actual potato cellar.
i must say, even though i have lived in idaho my entire life, i had never before been to a potato cellar
it was pretty much amazing.
i was standing on a mountain sized pile of potatos,
i think he said there were 17 million lbs of potatos
just in that cellar.


M said...

wow! so proud of you for getting out and doing all of these truly idaho activities! way to have fun + get to know your town.

Sarah said...

okay have you been around al gore or something. how do you spell potato?????

kira lee said...

pretty sad that i have lived in idaho pretty much my entire life and i don't know how to spell potato....there, i fixed it!

Sarah said...

you know I have to tease my little sis! love ya!