Monday, January 28, 2008

the secret's out

i haven't had very good luck in the jamba juice department. i always end up ordering something that really is not very good. i was telling a friend a while back about my jamba delima and he told me about a secret menu with amazing flavors. i thought my friend was teasing me ( i just so happen to be extremely gullible) until i heard another person talk about this menu. well, friday night i put it to the test. i was at jamba with some friends and when it was my turn to order i said, "i'll have the 16 oz. pink that real?" the clerk laughed and said it was probably the most popular drink they sell. after tasting this secret sensation i could see why. it really did taste like a pink starburst in liquid form. amazing. you should definitely get one if you get the chance. i also heard there was white gummy bear, skittles, pb&j, and fruity pebbles.

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