Wednesday, January 30, 2008

hair do

i was tired of my summer hair cut,
and too impatient to wait for my hair to grow.
thank goodness for extensions.


Sarah said...

you got them????? do you like them??? was it worth it??

mary elizabeth said...

I have always wanted to have hair extensions! I am so jealous!

Although, I did have some for my wedding, but they didn't make my hair longer, they just made my hair thicker. Which is also something I have always wanted too... thicker hair.

You look great!

kira lee said...

i like them a lot!!! it was sooo worth it, although it takes A LOT longer to blow dry my hair, and sometimes it makes my head itch.

M said...

are you serious, extensions! remember when i wanted some! you'll have to let me know how they really are. what was the cost?

kira lee said...

it was $225 (from evans)and i really do like them...although it would be much better if my hair was naturally this length.