Monday, December 17, 2007

my pre-christmas r&r

starting tomorrow i will be completely and utterly alone for an entire week. at first i was mildly freaked out. not that i can't handle being alone, trust me, i can. i just wasn't sure if i could handle being alone at christmas time knowing every other college student is home for the holidays. i was also slightly concerned that the house i live in is old and creaky. BUT, then i remembered:
"kira, you can totally handle this. you were alone during the summer too, and just think of all the cool things you were able to do."
i was right.
i was alone during the summer and i did do a lot of cool things.
like paint. during the summer i was bored one evening and decided to take up oil painting. so i drove myself down to the local craft store and picked up some supplies. i was so excited about becoming an oil painter that i bought enough supplies to satisfy a whole class of ambitious artists. so if during my alone time i feel inclined to paint, i have everything i need in my very own coat closet.
then i remembered all the other things i can do when i am alone:
bathe as long as i want with the door open and music blasting.
watch any movie i want at any time i want.
practice the piano without annoying anyone but myself.
do a cheesy workout video without being embarrassed.
listen to music while getting ready for work at 6 am.
sleep in my unmentionables without disturbing my roommate.
i can totally handle this alone time.


Óscar Delgado Barrientos said...

Hi, i'm from Spain, i find your blog by lucky, in a list behind mine.

If you want, yo could think like a football team in Europe, always thing: "yoo'll never walk alone".

Sorry for my english, bye.

Sarah said...

aren't you glad you mentioned your unmentionables so oscar could read about it!!! Remember you have Karen and Sid only a few houses down so you won't be alone.

Sarah said...

p.s. I like your painting

kira lee said...

yeah, lucky me. haha
but karen and sid are leaving tomorrow for florida and won't be back until after christmas.

kira lee said...

p.s. thanks