Saturday, December 08, 2007

irony and car trouble

i have not had the best luck with cars this week.
bacon and i went to our work christmas party
and then afterwards went to get something to eat.
it was 10 at this point and everything was getting ready to close,
we picked up a pita from the pita pit,
and since they were closing decided to go somewhere else to eat it.
so we drove and drove and drove until we found a park.
a baseball park.
we took our brand new melaleuca blankets
(woot. woot. for door prizes)
and had a pic-nic in outfield.
well, since it is december and i am in eastern idaho
you can imagine it got a little cold.
at this point we decided to sit in the car with the heater and finish eating.
all of the sudden the clock started blinking.
the battery died.
i suddenly became very grateful for my door prize
because we were stranded who knows where in the freezing cold.
we just had to wait it out.
we talked a lot which was great.
and i fell asleep,
which was not so great because i was talking in my sleep.
the car finally started
but unfortunately neither of us had a clue where we were
so we drove in what we thought was the right direction
until we ended up in a little town called firth.
long story short
we didn't make it home in time for curfew.
karisa and i drove to idaho falls to go christmas shopping.
on the way home (also at 10 pm)
we had a little delay.
one second i was talking to bacon on the phone
telling him i would be home in 20 minutes.
the next minute i was changing my pants in the car,
joking with karisa not to get in a wreck
because i would hate to be found pant less.
seriously less than 2 minutes later
karisa started freaking out,
"kira, i don't know what to do!"
i looked up.
an ambulance was coming full speed in one lane
and three cars were stopped in our lane.
it was snowing and the roads were slick.
karisa tried breaking, but the car was sliding like crazy.
next thing i know we are off the road
flying over the bumps,
and headed straight for a ditch.
the car got stuck on a huge dirt pile which is lucky.
because the passenger side tire was an inch away from the ditch
i couldn't even get out of the car because there was no ground to step on to.
luckily a lot of people stopped to "help"
unluckily nobody had a tow rope.
and unluckily my phone was flashing that it was going to die,
and karisa did not have her phone.
so after sitting there for an hour
somebody stopped by with a tow rope.
we finally got out but the car wasn't doing so well.
the bumper was off,
and so was a lot of stuff from underneath the car.
karisa couldn't drive very fast,
but we made it to an auto shop
and then just had to wait for someone to pick us up.
my "i'll be home in 20 minutes"
turned into 3 hours.
but neither of us were hurt!!!


Sarah said...

what were you doing changing your pants in the car, you almost did get caught pantless. was this your car or karissa's?

kira lee said...

it was karisa's!!!

M said...

oh my gosh i'm so glad you two are okay! so scary!