Friday, December 07, 2007


in ten days i will be twenty-two, which means i only have nine days left of being twenty-one. which means i am getting old. the crazy thing is: i don't feel old at all. i found this list online of 21 things to do before you're 21. apparently, i need to do a few more things:

1. Take a road trip. CHECK

Learn to play a musical instrument. CHECK

3. Go skinny-dipping! CHECK

4. Save $1,000 CHECK

5. Know your grandparents CHECK

6. Buy a lottery ticket.But just one. UNCHECK

7. Win an award CHECK

8. Say "I love you." CHECK

9. Learn to drive a stick shift. KIND OF

10. Milk a cow. UNCHECK

11. Forgive someone. CHECK

12. Have your fortune told. UNCHECK

13. Go to a drive-in. CHECK

14. Do your own laundry CHECK

15. Ride a horse. CHECK

16. Donate your formal dresses. KIND OF

17. See the ocean. CHECK

18. Waitress at least once. CHECK

19. See one thing that is "the world's largest CHECK

20. Leave the country. CHECK

21. Learn how to love your body CHECK

according to this i need to buy a lottery ticket, milk a cow and have my fortune told by next sunday. let's see how i do.

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Sarah said...

good luck with that!!! you have accomplished a lot for your 21 years.