Thursday, August 23, 2007

an anniversary:
it's official. i have been in rexburg for one whole year now.
crazy, i know.
i thought i would celebrate this momentous time
by highlighting some of my experiences.
so here goes:
  • learning how to crack an egg one handed (thanks to this girl)
  • a wellness oriented job which has made me more aware of my health
  • 4 different hairstyles
  • amazing friendships
  • a new found love for couscous
  • doorbell ditching
  • a stronger sense of God's love for me
  • the start of this blog (woot. woot.)
  • seeing the format live (you might remember this)

and some of my favorite rexburg places:

  • great harvest bread
  • mesa falls
  • the swing
  • snoasis
  • bagel cafe
  • monkey rock
  • the sand bar
  • the carousel........and of course,
  • the muir house!!!

1 comment:

M said...

Oh yeah to cracking an egg with one hand ;o) and seeing the format (tear tear to memories)