Friday, December 08, 2006

i haven't blogged for a while....

so i'll tell you about the concert i went to last night.

my roommate, mitch, and i went to see the format at isu. my friend trever got us free tickets! we were running a little late, but still got there by 7 when it started. on the way there i felt a little bit like a 3rd grade teacher because i read a book to mitch for one of her classes. when we got to poky we were a little lost so i called trever for help. he was very patient. "go through the dang stoplight!" when we got there we were suprised to see tons of people from our school and even our ward-including our fhe bros. we were surrounded by some interesting people...a guy who was uncontrollably dancing like a penguin on one side, and a gay couple on the other. i managed to make it all the way to the front of the floor where i was then surrounded by really sweaty guys who felt the urge to hug me so i could feel how sweaty they were. i was also right infront of the really hot guitarist/keyboardist/saxaphonist. during the concert someone through a shoe at the lead singer (who look like johnny depp) which knocked his glasses to the floor. he dropped the f-bomb a few times and i thought the show was going to be over then and there, but luckily they finished. mitch made it to the front for the last song! afterwards we got hot chocolate and steamers, made it to the freeway with no help, and were home by 10:45.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a splendid night to me...oh wait it was! thursday night concerts should become tradition!