Tuesday, March 20, 2007

warning: these may form addictive habits

I'm not going to lie, I have recently discovered that I am addicted to chocolate coverd cinnamon bears. You might think "eww," when you hear that--I did before I tasted them--but just to warn you: once you do taste them, you'll be hooked for life. I first had this delightful treat in st. george. Lora and I were at Harmon's stocking up on snacks for a movie night (we got in a really disgusting habit of renting a movie and going crazy with junk food: bulk candy, cookie dough, and hint of lime tostitos) when we discovered the chocolate covered cinnamon bear. We were in the bulk food section debating over what candy to choose. We decided that it was okay to sample in order to know what we wanted, and so we did. We went from bin to bin, dipping our hands inside, popping the treat in our mouth, and then looking at eachother for either approval or disapproval. When we came to the chocolate covered cinnamon bears we gave more than just a look showing our approval. Cinnamon bears became a movie night must. After I left St. George I was distraught because I could not find the treat anywhere! I even attempted making them myself, but it just wasn't the same. This year I finally found them, and in Rexburg! Broulims is a carrier of chocolate covered cinnamon bears; my roommates are amazing and got me a bag for my birthday. I also found them in a box here.


inspired simply said...

Thanks for introducing me to this irresistable little treat!

kira lee said...

they really are the best.
i've never had some one eat one who thought they were gross!