Thursday, March 22, 2007

movie night

Karisa and I have officially named wednesday night movie night. It seems every wednesday night it is just the two of us at home so we always end up watching a movie. It started the week before valentine's day and has been a tradition ever since. As I was thinking about it last night, I relized that there are so many fun things that come from being single. I'm not saying that I don't want to get married, I really look forward to marriage--I'm just saying there are so many things that will just not be the same after I am married. Movie night for example. I'm sure I wouldn't really be thinking of them if I was out with the man of my dreams, they would probably be the thing farthest from my mind, but movie nights are just something I need to really enjoy and embrace now, while they exist, because someday they won't. Focusing on all the things i DO get to do as a single young women help ease the sting of being "Aunt Kira" the awkward, inbetween stages of life, next in line to be married, when will she ever meet the one?, girl in the family. movie nights help me forget about all of that.

so, last night (for the 3rd time) I watched The Holiday. I love it and highly suggest this movie to anyone looking for a really good chick flick. this is the best that i've seen since....well, i don't know; it's been too long since i've seen a really good chick flick--but watch it. i know you'll love it.


inspired simply said...

Do you realize that I watched that movie 4 times last week!...that's right we watched it over the weekend when everyone was gone!!! You better write this down in your journal because I don't think this will ever happen again.

kira lee said...

what has happened to you?