Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ode to my big pink purse

My big pink purse has sure gotten a lot of recognition by others, and i have to admit, it does stand out. I didn't neccesarily buy this purse because i thought it was the cutest in the store, or because i needed a big purse, but because the strap to my old purse broke, and i needed a replacement fast. I was shopping with my mom and couldn't make up my mind which purse to buy. She suggested this one, but I brushed her off and kept looking at other purses, but i kept coming back to this one, and i bought it. Having such a big purse has been the coolest ever. because i get to tote around a lot of cool stuff like:
playing cards. you would be amazed how many times these have come in useful. For example, last week i was at dairy queen with my roommates, karisa and kaylene because our house was being occupied by another roommate and her date. we of course did not want to be there, so we went to dairy queen to kill time. we ate our icecream way too quickly so these playing cards came in very handy.
lime tic-tacs are my very favorite, and are useful in many ways: bad breath, sugar cravings, you get the idea.
my wallet, of course.
my pansy notebook is fabulous if i ever need to make note of anything, copy down any recipes or get a phone number.
this is my favorite lipgloss. not too bright but still gives my lips just enough color. and it tastes fantastic.
and last, but definately not least, the play-doh. at first i carried it around just because but this has actually come in useful. my roommate's brother was working on her car and needed clay, and amazingly i had this in my purse. thank you mom for talking me into buying this fantastic purse!

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