Thursday, September 06, 2012

blessing day

i just received an email containing several pictures from hazel's blessing day and realized it was about time i shared.  (it was only a month and a half ago)!
we were lucky to have a lot of family in town for the occasion.  hazel wore the same blessing dress i wore, she looked like such an angel.  david gave her a beautiful blessing.  the thing that touched me the most about the blessing was that he blessed her to always remember she is a child of god.  if she can always remember that i know she will have a beautiful, happy life.  i was too busy enjoying the day and playing host to take a lot of pictures but after the blessing we had an amazing lunch.  we served pulled pork sandwiches and salads galore.  a friend made beautiful cupcakes for us in just about every flavor you can imagine: chocolate peanut butter, raspberry lemonade, nutella, lemon, and my favorite, chocolate raspberry. 

after the festivities my sister-in-law, nicole, took our first ever family pictures.  they turned out great--thanks nicole!

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