Friday, July 13, 2012

salads and cell phones

when i was in the hospital after having hazel i became obsessed with caeser salads.  not too many things on the hospital cafeteria menu sounded appetizing and i was especially weary of the meat.  i am a picky meat eater (thanks to my father) and i was not about to dive into cafeteria chicken.  so i ordered caeser salads sans chicken.  they were delicious.  since leaving the hospital i have been craving caeser salads non-stop and have yet to find one as delicious as the one served in the hospital.  weird, i know, and also very disappointing.

speaking of disappointments:
my two year contract with verizon has finally come to an end (this is not the disappointment, keep reading) and now that i don't have the ridiculously priced verizon data packages to worry about i decided to finally join the 21st century and get a smart phone (!).  i am sort of a simple girl (hence the title of my blog) and was never too impressed with smart phones; if i can call and text i am happy.  however, the photographer in me has recently been coveting a smart phone for the sole purpose of being able to use instagram.  i am not an apple fan so decided to steer clear of an iPhone.  knowing that i can also use instagram on "any" android phone decided to get an htc hero.  i was drawn to this phone because of the 5 mega pixel camera which for a phone is really good.  well it turns out the only good thing about this phone is the camera.  this just so happens to be one of the only android phones that does not support instagram.  and that is the only reason i wanted a smart phone.  major disappointment.   after shopping around in the app store i found an application very similar to instagram which satisfied me.  still slightly disappointed but decided i can still edit my pictures in a non-comformist application and be happy.  remember how i mentioned the only good thing about the phone is the camera?  after using my phone for all of 15 minutes the battery died.  i plugged in the phone and it took ALL DAY to charge.  literally all day.  the phone was plugged in from 10:30 AM until 9:00 PM.  ridiculous.  after unplugging the phone the battery was half dead after only 5 minutes.  i did some research online (should have done that before buying the phone) and found nothing but terrible reviews.  it turns out this phone has some sort of internal error and the only way for the battery to last more than a couple of hours is to disable all of the apps.  sort of defeats the purpose of a smart phone.  needless to say, tonight i will be getting a new phone.


Janie said...

you mean you get to pick what you eat in the hospital now?? never got that option. although I have to say that the hospital where I had ben had the BEST food, people went there all the time just to go to the cafeteria LOL... I am addicted to the predone salads at walmart (shocking I know) I love their cesear and southwestern ones.

kira lee said...

the hospital had a full 4 page menu like a restaurant. I will have to try the salads from walmart. i am a huge fan of things predone now that i have a little one :)

Sarah said...

I love the Ultimate Ceasar Salad that comes in the bag. . . can't remember the brand. . . I get them at Target and Kroger. Walmart doesn't carry them. They have this amazing seasoning and big flaky parmesean cheese.

Bummer about the cheese

Sarah said...

not the cheese. . . oh man I am getting senile. I meant bummer about the phone :(