Thursday, July 05, 2012


we had a lovely fourth of july.  we went up to boise for david's company party.  it was nice being back "home" for a day, spending time with my family and getting to meet most of david's co-workers.  we must have worn hazel out because she slept for 9 straight hours last night.  i didn't even know that was possible for a 5 week old.  what sweet relief for me.  getting a full night of sleep gave me the energy to get a lot done around the house today. 

a friend came by this afternoon and dropped off some cupcakes.  just because.  people here are seriously nice.  the cupcakes kept staring me in the face and i'm trying to be "good" so i hid them away in the kitchen but now i can just hear them calling my name.  we'll see how many have survived when david gets home.

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Sarah said...

oooh, those cupcakes look amazing!!!!