Sunday, June 17, 2012

a day of firsts

today has been a day of firsts:

david's first father's day as a father.  he got a lawnmower for his {boring} father's day gift and i made him a candy bouquet for his fun father's day gift. 

today was hazel's first day at church and our first day in our new ward.  it went well other than the fact that we were about 20 minutes late and hazel and i spent most of the time in the mothers room.  i met a lot of really nice people though, apparently the mothers room is the happening place at church.  i even got invited to a party this week. 

i {successfully} drove stick for the first time.  i drove home from church-- woohoo!

and in honor of the chobani yogurt plant opening near us soon david and i tried greek yogurt for the first time.  honestly i thought it tasted a little bit like sour cream with chunks of fruit in it, but at least i tried it. 

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