Tuesday, February 01, 2011

red lipstick

last night david had to work late so i did what any girl would do. i cooked dinner for one and watched an old musical: state fair. every time i watch an old movie i admire the classic look of red lipstick. i love the look when worn right. i think it looks very sophisticated but every time i try to wear it myself i chicken out. this morning i put on some red lipstick but felt like i had a big sign on my face and ended up quickly wiping it off before i ran out the door. maybe someday.
happy february!


Sarah said...

one of my students .was wearing BRIGHT red lipstick yesterday. it did NOT look good. why is it that some people can pull it off and others can't

kira lee said...

i heard that anyone can look good in red listick as long as they pick the right shade. i don't know if that is necessarily true of high school students though.