Thursday, January 13, 2011

to reconnect

i have mixed feelings about new years resolutions. what usually happens (okay, what always happens) is this: i get really excited about setting new years resolutions so i set two or three or seven or eight goals. one year i even set twelve goals, one for every month. i do really really well on these goals for about a week, probably less. then i get burnt out. then i get mad at myself for not accomplishing all of my goals. then i quit them altogether. this year i did not want that to happen so instead of making specific goals i just made this one: to reconnect.
on new years eve my phone stopped working. apparently cell phone providers do occasional updates and the only way for your phone to receive those updates is to turn it off and back on. i never turn my phone off. because i never do this my phone misses out on updates and got to the point where it stopped working. because it was a holiday weekend every time i tried to get a hold of my cell phone provider to figure out what was going on i was unable to because they were closed. finally on monday they opened back up and i spoke to them only to find out i could have simply turned my phone off and back on in order for it to work again.
i likened this to life. sometimes in order for us to work properly we need to turn things off temporarily. when we run ourselves too thin our bodies and minds don't function to full capacity. this year i want to focus on finding time to reconnect. this can be done in several ways by taking time to unplug and do something productive that brings me joy. remember president uchtdorf's talk about this? for me there are many things i want to reconnect with in order to completely reconnect. i want to reconnect with my kitchen, reconnect with my scriptures, reconnect with the gym, reconnect with friends and family, reconnect with my camera, reconnect with my blog. i didn't set any specific goals about number of days i have to work out or number new recipes i must learn. instead i just want to take time to reconnect and do something each day that makes life more meaningful.
it's amazing what taking the time to put together a fresh salad can do for your body, mind and spirit.

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