Friday, January 21, 2011


as weird as this may sound today i took a bath and it made me miss my sisters. one thing i quickly learned when i moved out of idaho is that the water quality elsewhere in the country is not quite up to par. in texas it was horrible. drinking tap water was not an option and shower water smelt as though it came straight from a swamp. arizona water is a little better but not by far. this morning the water smelt a little worse than usual which made it seem as though i was back in texas. which made me miss my sister. it made me wish that i could hop on a plane and have a girls night. after having a girls night with sarah i wish i could hop on a plane to idaho and have a girls night with kikers.
sarah, for our girls night we would have to look up a new recipe to try out, and if not we could always settle with pizza on the grill or rachel ray's swedish meatballs. we could go get pedicures and then stroll through michaels or hobby lobby to find a project to occupy our evening. we could pick up some specialty chocolate from world market to enjoy as we work on our projects and watch a chick flick at home (one that only we would appreciate). if there was any time left in our evening i would insist on heading back to that swank little icecream shop in downtown frisco for some mint limeade. yum.
keisha, for our girls night out we would have to stop at taco bell for some beef baja chalupas and cheesy fiesta potatoes. we would get our taco bell to go and sneak it into a movie, making everyone else in the theater jealous. i'm certain that in the car we would argue over what music to listen to and then probably settle on something we both like such as death cab. we would head downtown for some hot chocolate and take a lot of pictures all evening. there would be lots of giggles as we talked about all of our inside jokes: the curly guy, i can see my shoes daddy, we need a campfire and the elevator man.
i love both of my sisters so so much and am so thankful for the unique relationship i have with each of them.

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Sarah said...

:( Funny, I was feeling the same thing tonight. Wish you could hop on a plane and have a girls night. Dylan has been out of town and girls night every night with Claire is getting old, if you know what I mean :D Miss you!!!!

p.s. how could you not love having to toss the sacrament water to the back of your throat so you don't have to taste it? lol