Saturday, July 10, 2010

new car

my oh my what a week it has been! we spent the week car shopping and this morning, finally, drove home our new (to us) toyota carolla. it looks awfully similar to my high school car and is basically identical to my sisters car!
the wedding is now just 20 days away, yikes! last month i thought it couldn't come fast enough and now i am wondering how it can be here so soon! a week from today we can start moving in to our apartment, then we'll have just one more saturday before the big day! crazy!
hope you all are having a lovely saturday, it is a scorcher here!


MH. lovely by m said...

Have you sent out wed invites??? I haven't gotten mine?!

kira lee said...

we sent out half of them, we sent out the batch for those coming to the temple but are waiting a bit for those who aren't since the reception isn't until september. if it hasn't come yet it is one its way!