Sunday, July 18, 2010

hubcaps a plenty

on wednesday we discovered that we were {already} missing a hubcap off our car, just four days after it was bought. yesterday morning we went out on a quest to find our missing hubcap. we figured we had most likely lost it somewhere on the long stretch of highway between maricopa and chandler which we drive almost everyday. so we woke up before the crack of dawn in hopes of somewhat cooler temperatures and less traffic, neither of which was the case.
we drove slowly down the highway keeping our eyes peeled for small round pieces of shiny silver material. just about half a mile down the freeway we spotted one in the median! unfortunately we didn't see it in time to pull over and even if we had it was closer to the other side of the highway. we continued to drive until we found a place to turn around. keeping in mind where we saw the hubcap we drove slowly the other direction, making sure not to miss it this time. we slowed in time for dave to hop out of the car and grab it, only to discover that it did not match the other 3 hubcaps on our car.
time for round two: again we headed up the highway watching like hawks as we slowly drove the stretch of highway, annoying all of the cars on the road i'm sure. this time, about eight miles down the road we spotted another hubcap, also closer to the other side of the highway--this one had to be ours! again we found a place to turn around and headed to back to retrieve our missing 'treasure'. once again, no match.
to make a long story short, we continued this until we ended up with five hubcaps, none of them ours. guess we'll just have to head to auto zone....we probably should have to start out with.

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Sarah said...

we lost three of the 4 off our corrolla-- they are not cheap to replace-- if you buy toyota ones-- that was dylan's justification for getting rims--- another very expensive purchase-- but we have never had to replace them :D