Friday, June 25, 2010

friday firsts

first date:
mine and dave's first date is definitely a memorable includes burnt pizza, a man being tasered and a bad movie.
we went on our first date exactly a week from the day we met. dave had to work until 6 pm so instead of the traditional boy pick up girl, i met him at his work so we could get started on the evening sooner. we went to the grocery store and picked up ingredients for homemade pizza+brownies+a movie. dave told me i had to pick the movie, so i picked one out of the $5 bin at walmart. i picked the movie stealth because i had never seen it and it seemed like a movie a boy would like. we went back to daves house and put together the pizza. while it was cooking i asked dave to play some songs on the guitar for me. we lost track of time and suddenly smelt something burning...the pizza! we ruined the pizza, but ate it anyway. luckily the brownies turned out deliciously to make up for the burnt pizza.
after eating we sat down to start the movie. just as it was getting ready to begin we heard a big CRASH outside. we looked out the window and saw a car crashed through the fence in the front yard. we went out to see what was going on and it wasn't long before the cops showed up. the guy in the car was on some sort of drug and the cops tasered and handcuffed him right there in the front yard.
after that excitement the movie just wasn't too entertaining...we ended up talking through the whole thing. when the night ended and i left to go home it took only 5 minutes before my phone vibrated and i was excited to see a text from dave saying, "i had a great time with you tonight :)" which was followed with me being grinny+giddy+butterflies in my tummy+walking on a cloud feeling all night, the rest of the week, month and year!

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Sarah said...

:) you are going to be so glad that you are writing all this stuff down someday!!!