Monday, May 17, 2010

the proposal

on friday dave met me at my work when i got off and told me to bring clothes to change into. he took me to mill ave to walk around. we went to tempe town lake and relaxed by the shore and took pictures. (i didn't know we were going to be walking around so much and i wore shoes that were not the best to walk around in). after leaving mill ave we went to fiesta mall. i had no clue at the time why we went there and i was annoyed that we were just wondering around aimlessly because i had a blister on my foot from my shoes. i ended up buying a new pair of shoes at the mall because my feet were killing me. when we were leaving the mall dave said, "oh babe! there is this cool place near here called organ stop pizza! we should go!"

so he took me to organ stop pizza and it was unlike anywhere else i have ever been. i am at a loss for words even trying to describe the place. but as you can see by the pictures and gather from the name, it is a pizza restaurant where you can enjoy organ music. the organist was playing all sorts of music ranging from phantom of the opera to little mermaid and everywhere in between. not only is the organ playing but it is completely orchestrated with percussion as well as lighting to go along with the music. people can put in requests for songs and it seemed the organist could play just about anything that was requested!
dave and i sat up on the balcony because the ground level was full of people. while we were eating one of my favorite songs (bridge over troubled water by simon & garfunkel) started playing. dave got really excited that they were playing that song. i asked him if he had asked them to play it and he told me no, but towards the end of the song he got down and proposed to me! after the song ended the organist got on a microphone and said, "i hear somebody may have some good news!" dave stood up and pulled me up with him and shouted, "she said yes!" the organist announced, "while i was playing the last song this young man was proposing to her" they shined a spotlight on us and everyone clapped and yelled, "congratulations!" a couple sitting at a table near us turned and said, "wow, today we are celebrating our 55th anniversary!"

after finishing our meal we drove to the temple, both of us calling our families and close friends on the way. we walked around the temple grounds and then went to dairy queen and enjoyed a refreshing desert together before heading to his house to share our exciting news with his family!


Candace said...

How sweet!!!! What an adorable way for him to propose! Congratulations Kira!!!

Eliza said...

Aw, sounds like a perfect proposal. Good work Dave because Kira deserves only the best!!

Sarah said...


mary elizabeth said...

ah, cuteness! love it! congrats again!