Monday, November 16, 2009

yo gabba gabba

have you heard of yo gabba gabba? if you haven't you should check it out here. i discovered this show while i was a nanny and at first thought it was the craziest things i'd ever seen. it is pretty crazy. after a while though the show really grew on me. it really is very entertaining and very funny.
when i first told dave i was a fan of the show he thought i was crazy but i finally got him to sit down and watch it with me. now he is hooked. and his nephew is hooked. and his brothers are hooked. i must warn you, as bizarre as it may seem, you might get hooked too.
the highlight of my week was this little finger puppet you see above. dave saw that they were the kids meal toy somewhere and went in just to get one for me. isn't that the sweetest thing ever? he really is the best boyfriend ever.
hope you make this the best week ever,

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