Wednesday, August 26, 2009


today i am inspired by: this talk
i am craving: mango salsa. dave and i snacked on some yesterday and it was oh so delish.

i am wanting: some of these pretties from anthropologie. i love love love their fall line, but it is definitely not in my budget, these fun accessories are affordable though. when i ooh and ahh over their clothes i always think about a line from this song: it may be years until the day, my dreams will match up with my pay.

i am grateful for: my new {used} car! i have been needing a new car for a while now and finally got one this week! it is a 2008 Hyundai Sonata.


mary elizabeth said...

mu husband bought a sonata when he got home from his mission. we loved that car! but then someone t-boned him, and totalled the car. worst day ever.

we now have an elantra, and love it to itty bitties. have fun with your new car!

(and i think you need to blog more about this dave character... oh la la!)

Dani said...

1. I love Mango Salsa and I can't wait to make some now that you got my craving pointed in a new colorful direction. 2.I like Anthros Fall and Winter lines more then Spring and Summer, at least that's been the truth for the last 2 years. 3. Congrats on the car! It's a beauty!