Sunday, May 17, 2009

in the kitchen

remember how once upon a time i posted my new years resolutions? well, one of my resolutions was to try at least one new recipe a month and so far i have stuck with it every month. here is a recipe that i recently tried; actually, it is a recipe that i concocted myself and i was very pleased with how it turned out, and it was very quick and simple. All you need is: chicken, a can of stewed tomatoes, a can of white beans, couscous, and your choice of seasonings. I simply cooked the chicken breast with the can of stewed tomatoes (undrained) and white beans (drained). i served it up with a side of couscous and enjoyed my quick+ simple + delicious + homemade meal.

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Sarah said...

mmmm, looks yummy! i have been living on they have great recipes that you can click a button and it puts all the ingredients into a shopping list for you-- i use it for most of my meal planning now :D