Wednesday, November 05, 2008


first of all, i am oh so happy the elections are over. the campaign commercials, mailers, signs...etc, etc,...were getting to be a little much.
secondly, i am so grateful for my right to vote. i couldn't help but smile as my vote was cast and it was declared, "kira cleverly has voted!" that is my favorite part of voting
and thirdly,
i am grateful for the new president. he may or may not be who you voted for, but
now that he is elected he is the president and we should support him. it takes a lot of courage to stand up and choose to lead this country, especially since it is such a mess right now. but just as obama said in his acceptance speech last night, "this isn't the united states of black or white, old or young, gay or straight...this is the united states of america." we are all in this together.

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