Wednesday, October 22, 2008

day five.

-slept in
-posted yesterday's photos
-got ready for the day
-got mail
-made bed
-ate leftover hawaiian sundae for lunch
-made christmas crafts for upcoming craft fair
-went to d.i. to find picture frames
-worked on fans while watching ellen
-talked to claire and sarah on the phone
-went to papa murphey's with mom
-ate pizza for dinner with the fam
-started to go to a movie with keisha, but changed our mind because it started too late
-went for a short drive
-came home and talked
-went to bed


Laura said...

I love the fans. Is that paper from paper source I spy?
Also, you need to help me. I'm meant to make a Christmas card idea for a Super Saturday and I have no idea what to do - or where to start! Help me!... ?... please?

mary plus vince said...

ohhhh! i love your outfit! so darling + sassy :D

and i love the fan idea, that nie... so creative. i've bookmarked this idea for the day i have my own space again! love it!

kira lee said...

i actually got it in a pack from porters and i love love love it!!!

i think that the hardest part of making cards is coming up with the initial idea!!! lately i have been really into silhouettes, which are really cute and also simple. for christmas cards there are a lot of silhouettes you could use...a star, a tree, a manger scene, an ornament, a wreath...
once i come up with my idea i work in assembly mode cutting things out one part at a time. then you can add your 'merry christmas' or 'happy holidays' wherever it works. i like to put it on the front corner or on the inside.
also, if the silhouette isn't something simple i can draw fee hand (i am not blessed with the art of drawing) i just look for an image online, print it out, make a stencil and use that!!!

hopefully i gave you some helpful advice and ideas!!! if you have any more questions just let me know!!!

kira lee said...

*free hand

Michelle @ Twig said...

i've been loving the daily picture log...just wish i had the energy to take pictures of every step along the way!

kira lee said...

it is a lot more work than i bargained for!

Janie said...

so I posted my fans I did in my bathroom - I want to see your project.
I added even more after the pictures I posted
so fun