Wednesday, September 03, 2008

play pretend

last month when the fam was visiting we went to medieval times. claire loved it. she loved it so much that she talks about medieval times every. single. day.

the other day Claire came running down the stairs...

mommy! yaya! come quick! i have medieval times in my bedroom!

how can you not be curious?

she did indeed have medieval times in her bedroom. every horse she owned was lined up on the floor, and atop her head was a crown. she was the princess.

when we walked in her bedroom she handed us each a lego. that's right, a lego. i got a green lego--therefore i was the green knight. sarah was the orange knight. next, she handed me a easter bucket to wear as a helmet and a pillow to use as a shield. she handed sarah a pink swimming pool 'noodle' to use as a javelin.

"now fight"

there i was in my nieces bedroom dying of laughter, wearing a bucket on my head as my sister, also dying of laughter, beats me with a noodle. i felt like i was five again.

does life get any better than that?

thank you claire.


Sarah said...

it was soooo much fun!!!

Anonymous said... least you have someone...

M said...

oh my goodness! awesome story and had me laughing with you1