Saturday, September 20, 2008

a homemade day

yesterday was a day full of creating.

after i moved away from home i realized all of the things i took for granted. i wish i had paid more attention when my mother tried to teach me the art of homemaking. cooking. sewing. cleaning. canning. these things truly are a lost art. since i get the opportunity to be with my parents again i am making sure i don't miss out on learning anything!

yesterday morning my mom taught me how to can homemade salsa. it is amazing to see all the homegrown produce bottled up to last through the winter.

(let me just take a quick side note to say that cutting jalapenos is probably the worst thing i have ever done. i would not wish it on anyone).

and last night....
more creating.

before i even moved back to idaho i was asked to join a card club. once a month i will be getting together with a group of ladies to exchange homemade cards. the theme this month is 'birthday cards.' so last night i spent the evening making 10 birthday cards. it was a lot more work than i expected but afterwards i couldn't help but admire my work.

not too shabby for a rookie.

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